Scott Eaton

Bodies in Motion

As a way of stress-testing the scanning rig design, we were looking for something demanding to work on that would require volume and repeat sessions. Scott is a friend and we’ve long been an admirer of his “Bodies in Motion” photo series, so we had a chat and it turned out he’d already been looking to add a 3D scanned dimension to this series. His requirement was for relatively low- detail assets that just showed muscle deformation, but high rate of capture. This project sent us down the road of creating our own rig control software, with the goal of very high rate of capture at high detail! Needless to say, fun times!

Key points

Normal detail assets rendered in batches of 1-200.

Capture volume with radius of 3 meters for maximum freedom of movement.

5 frames a second for 15 scans.

Multiple performers captured simultaneously on pole and straps.

Questions about this project?
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